Going Deeper: New Members’ Class

Thank you for your interest in the new members class at Community Covenant!  This class provides a deeper dive into the church, its beliefs and ministries.  Whether you are new to the church or a long-time attender, we’re glad you’re engaging with this content again.  We’ll be looking at four themes of our church and life together: devotional, connectional, biblical and missional.  This class will be a series of videos, readings and personal work which you can do at your own pace.  At the end, we will have a couple of opportunities to connect in person via video conference if you are considering becoming a formal church member.

Session 1:  Devotional: Your Spiritual Life  (“Are you walking with Jesus?”)

  •  Watch this video on the spiritual life & your spiritual journey.
  • Complete the activity described in the video.  Hold onto your document, you will use it later as you connect in person.

Session 2: Connectional: God’s Movement & Us  (“I am a companion of all who fear thee.”)

  • Watch this video on the background and history of the movement/denomination of Community Covenant Church.
  • Look below for a worksheet which can be filled out as you watch the video.
  • Here is a link to the “family tree” document noted in the video.  Answer the following questions.
    1. What is your story of relationship to a denomination (s), if any?  
    2. Find the denomination(s) you mentioned on the church “family tree” (if its there).  Did anything surprise you?
    3. When did you come to Community Covenant?  Why did you come?

Session 3: Biblical: Our Beliefs & Affirmations (“Where is it written?”)

  • Watch this video on theology and beliefs.  (Here is the affirmation video link, if needed).
  • Answer these questions when prompted: 
    1. How have you seen the affirmations evident and alive in the life of this congregation?
    2. Where do you think our congregation needs to improve in relation to the Covenant Affirmations?
  • Read this pamphlet on Covenant Distinctives.

Session 4: Missional: Our Ministries and Mission (“All that matters is faith active in love”)

  1. Watch this video about Community Covenant Church’s ministry.  (Here is the link to the denominational video and here is a link to the Navigate video, if needed).
  2. Review CCC annual report and CCC history documents (below).
  3. If you would like to continue with the membership process, please contact Pastor Ryan (pastorryan1@gmail.com).


Additional Links

Session 2:

Family Tree picture https://davidswanson.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/evangelical-covenant-church-family-tree.gif

Several web pages on Covenant History: https://covchurch.org/history/

Session 3:

Covenant distinctives pamphlet: https://covchurch.org/resources/covenant-distinctives/

Covenant Resolutions, statements on a variety of topics: https://covchurch.org/resolutions/

Affirmation summary video (watched during session): http://covchurch.tv/affirmations-overview/ 

Longer Affirmation Videos (click through to find each individual session):  http://covchurch.tv/page/1/?s=affirmations

Session 4:

Link to denominational overview video (watched during session): http://covchurch.tv/2016-mission-and-ministry/

Link to Navigate/Congregational vitality video (watched during session): http://covchurch.tv/vitality-overview/

Annual Report of Community Covenant Church:

Session 2: Four Themes Worksheet

  1. We are a B__________________  church

What would the early Covenanters say? (question or verse)

It is seen in this historical movement:

  1. We are a D__________________ church

What would the early Covenanters say? (question or verse)

It is seen in this historical movement:

  1. We are a M__________________ church

What would the early Covenanters say? (question or verse)

It is seen in this historical movement:

  1. We are a C__________________ church

What would the early Covenanters say? (question or verse)

It is seen in this historical movement:

Community Covenant Church, Springfield, VA 

A Brief History

1968 Church planted by local Covenant families as suburbs of Washington DC grew. Rev. Bruce Lake is named founding pastor.  Parsonage purchased in a local neighborhood.  Named “Community Covenant Church” to signify its involvement in the community and its Covenant presence in Northern Virginia.

1972 Church officially founded.  Met in Hunt Valley Elementary School.

Mid-1970s  Land purchased on Sydenstricker Road across from Hunt Valley School and two buildings built: current sanctuary and another wing.  Boy Scout Troop 1853 becomes chartered by CCC.

1979 Rev. Jim Swanson becomes pastor.  

1984 Two buildings are connected and raised, a basement is built underneath: completing building as it is seen today.  A second phase of construction, to build a larger sanctuary, is scrapped following a dispute over the road right-of-way with the county.  

1988-89   Rev. Swanson leaves church.  His ministry noted as one of ministering to young families who are new to the area.  Rev. Eric Sparrman begins ministry.

1995 Church begins to worship in two services. 18 people come to faith in one year.  

1998 Rev. John Benson begins ministry.  The  Peniel Church uses the building for worship in Korean in the afternoon.  

2002 Sanctuary and basement remodeled.  Hedde Bukko ministry raises funds for a grain mill for a village in Ethiopia.  Church’s 30th anniversary.

2010 Rev. Benson retires.  

2011     Revs. Ryan & Devyn Chambers Johnson become co-pastors.  Church invited to Navigate Vitality Process with the denomination. 

2014-15 CCC implements Vitality Plan to encourage healthy and missional ministries, including partnering to plant Table Covenant Church of Fairfax, VA with Rev. Michael Han and family;  CCC and the core team worship together for one year and CCC continues support and collaboration. Additionally, a homework help club and neighborhood playgroup for parents and young children begin.

2017-2018 Remodel of church building includes new windows, doors, flooring and improvement to sanctuary space.